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It’s Nearly Game Day!

Extra Life Game Day 2020 begins Saturday, November 7. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Monopoly, Dungeons and Dragons, Cornhole, Fortnite, Scrabble, or Pokémon GO, you name it! Turn gaming into support for Prisma Health Children’s Hospital–Midlands.
Registration is simple and free. Visit, choose to raise funds for Prisma Health Children’s Hospital–Midlands, and ask friends and family to support local kids. Every dollar raised will help kids receive the best healthcare close to home.
Many tools are available to help you prepare an epic fall fundraiser for Prisma Health Children’s Hospital–Midlands! We hope you feel fully equipped to play games and heal kids here in the Midlands.
Help us help local kids and have fun while doing it! If you can’t host a gaming marathon this Saturday, then you can game any other day you choose before the end of the year!


We would love to see you in action on Game Day! Tag Prisma Health Midlands Foundation in your posts, let us know you’re streaming or send us your photos at